Your organization would like to present new core values? Your company has a kick-off or a closing event regarding a new corporate process? Your colleagues are looking for team building activity or want to get going with communication and presentation skills? Or you are after something different but you don't know what that 'something' is yet? You came to the right URL.

Mark Dekker facilitates interactive presenters, quiz masters, skill workshops and improv theater show s. With humour, great energy and an whole different experience. From pure entertainment to creating ways in which information and knowledge really sticks with the audience. Your meet-up starts or finishes with a bang and your participants really get involved with a high fun factor, a low threshold and always in a manner of respect. The next day people will defintalely talk about it when they meet at the coffee machine.

Mark has travelled a lot and has lived and worked in the US, Australia and New Zealand. He also has performed in other counties such as the UK, Belgium, Vietnam, Poland, Russia, France and Spain. International settings have become a speciality and Mark and his team would love to hear from you. Challenge us and let us know how we can contribute to the goals of your event or your organization.

Roman Zagorodniy
College of Europe, Poland

"If, in hands of a master, any item becomes a dangerous weapon; then, in hands of a great comedian, any event becomes a remarkable show. After having once witnessed Mark’s stunning improv performance, I was certain that he would be an exemplary host of TEDxCollegeOfEuropeNatolin. Being a professional, he delivered the show that exceeded my expectations. His catchy warm-ups, humorous improvisation, assiduous transitions between speakers - multiplied by his passion in the topic - have made a great contribution to the event. Above all, Mark taught me one important lesson: humor can also be a powerful instrument to convey messages that matter. Therefore, if you plan to do a conference, panel or debate, Mark would be the one who can make it not only more fun and pleasant, but also more meaningful and thought-provoking."

Brigitte de Leeuw
Profit Marketing, the Netherlands

"Mark and his talent are pleasant additions to the change management projects I do to hold a mirror up to organizations. Humour and interaction is combined with a good skills set to recognize what a company needs. Everything is taken care of: from intake to execution, and with very nice personal touch. I can recommend Mark to those who want just that little bit extra. Working with him will lead to surprising results and miuh appreciation from your staff."

Delyth Morgan-Coghlan,
Wild on Waiheke, New Zealand

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Mark at Wild on Waiheke. As a host and presenter he is a charming, fun loving person who takes great pride in his work and in the team around him. He was always professional, entertaining and confident in his work. I would love to work with him again!"